Oh the intrepid adventurers! Bane of stability! Foes of the status quo! Overall bunch of murderous, thieving, bumbling and ignorant louts poking their noses in everybody else’s business and destabilizing the cosmos!

Not only did they set ancient goddess of not quite clear motivation loose, there’s also their all devouring warship which has joined them for what seems to be ‘fun’. The attack on Celestia by the forces of the Abyss which has left gods MIA and suspected dead. The general upset of two very powerful gods by the one cleric who turns his coat more often than a cheap sellsword. A lich who decided it was a good idea to store magic in his blood and then link his blood to an apocalypse. An elf who has pissed off one of the most powerful drow families by allowing their enemies to enter their citadel and butcher most of them and then turn into entities of vengeance. The Fey High Lord who achieved his position by being wanton with his affections, who knows who he pissed off by canoodling with a spouse/sibling/offspring/parent/whatever or simply by leaving them out. A minotaur archaeologist who went along for the ride and is the only friend of a very old, very aggressive floating library. The litch that took advantage of them and managed to use them to gain some rather significant power. Am I forgetting anything? Probably. I really don’t feel like sorting through devastation and debris left in their wake. I’m a narrator gods dammit, not an exotic retrieval specialist!

Oh, and they also want to invade Hell while attempting to shoot an apocalypse into the Abyss. Yeah, that was their idea. Now you see why everything is in worse shape than a dwarven citadel low on booze.

The Damocles Stone

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